Mission of Poland Lacrosse Foundation

Poland Lacrosse Foundation represents Poland lacrosse throughout North America. All proceeds and activities benefit lacrosse in Poland.

The mission of the Poland Lacrosse Foundation is to develop the sport of lacrosse throughout the country of Poland for both men and women of all age levels. We strive to increase the level of involvement and skill in Poland through our Men’s and Women’s Polish Heritage Teams, events and fundraising efforts.

In line with the Polish Lacrosse Federation, our National Teams are closely linked to the growth and development of Lacrosse in Poland. This growth and development is not solely about generating greater awareness and increasing player numbers, but also about improving the lacrosse ability of those selected and, as a consequence, the wider lacrosse playing population of Poland.  We recognize the contributions made to our mission by all members of the Polish community, both on and off the field. We believe in promoting unity among all those interested in supporting the mission of Polish Lacrosse, in all it’s facets.

Examples of how we accomplish our mission:
1. Through our Polish Heritage Teams, we are able to bring those with Polish roots together in a combined effort to represent their heritage, but also to give back to the growing lacrosse community in Poland through coaching, equipment drives and fundraising initiatives.
2. Provide lacrosse exchange opportunities for Polish players to travel to the US and Canada, and for US and Canadian players to travel to Poland.
3. Staging equipment drives for donation to youth development in Poland. This allows us to expose lacrosse to new players while avoiding initial sticker shock. Ultimately, this helps aid our goal of getting lacrosse into elementary, middle / high schools and even universities.
4. And, of course, soliciting for donations and sponsors, which will increase the resources needed for equipment, field usage and travel opportunities.

Poland Lacrosse Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization. As such, all US donations are tax deductible.