Heritage Teams

Poland Lacrosse Foundation represents Poland lacrosse throughout North America. All proceeds and activities benefit lacrosse in Poland.

The Polish Heritage teams represent Poland Lacrosse as a whole. These teams are for players from the age of 17+ who don’t qualify for the National team, but are still interested in representing their lineage. Each team will compete in tournaments and exhibition matches in the US and internationally.

We are looking to field teams for Men’s – both field and box, as well as a women’s squad. Please fill out the information below and we will get in contact with you.

    Polish PassportParents born in PolandGrandparents born in PolandResidencyMarriageNo
    You can check the rules here: https://filacrosse.com/rules/

    CoachingOfficiatingSocial Media ManagerEvent OrganizerFundraising SpecialistAccounting/bookkeeping, LegalOther