Men’s Heritage Team

Poland Lacrosse Foundation represents Poland lacrosse throughout North America. All proceeds and activities benefit lacrosse in Poland.

The Polish Heritage Team is comprised of players looking to represent their Polish heritage, naturally. Whether it be you, your parents, your grandparents, your great-grandparents, or some sort of connection to Poland, feel free to join us. We want guys who will be proud to wear “Polska” across their chests.
The Heritage Team will also be used as an evaluation and funnel system for National Team tournaments, to which we will determine your skill level, your character, and your interest in contributing to the growth of lacrosse in Poland, which is the ultimate goal. Players from this pool will be personally invited to National Team training camps and international tournaments.
For information on FIL and National Team requirements, please visit the Men’s National Team page.

Poland Lacrosse Interest Form