Poland Lacrosse Foundation represents Poland lacrosse throughout North America. All proceeds and activities benefit lacrosse in Poland.

Poland Lacrosse is a 100% volunteer-led and driven organization that currently receives no government funding. At the moment, players have payed out-of-pocket to support all activities, however, this is simply not a feasible long-term option.

A simple stroke of generosity can make a significant and measurable impact on the lives of so many young children and adults. Your donation will be used to help with:

  • Travel & Tournament Expenses – Tournaments are held year-round throughout Europe and the U.S., and we want to give these players the best opportunities to compete.
  • Equipment – We need gear, especially sticks, gloves, helmets and balls to get more kids playing in Poland! To donate equipment, click here
  • Facilities hire – We need help with field rental costs so that we can host youth clinics and games.

The Poland Lacrosse Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 charity in the United States, and all donations (via the Stripe button below) are US tax deductible.  Where donations are being made for a particular purpose, team or player, this can be identified by putting a narrative on the Stripe payment.
A little donation will go a VERY long way. Do you think you can help?

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